15+ Highly Effective Link Building Strategies That Work Great in 2021

If you are a blog owner, you know how it hard to rank a blog. A lot of people are worried about ranking their content on search engines.

You have created content that people are searching for on search engines, that answers their concerns and questions, but you are not getting that much traffic.

Creating quality content does not mean it will rank. Apart from quality content, you also need to do SEO and link building. To outrank the rest of the sites with those qualities, you have to establish authority.

In the field of search engine optimization, link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website.

We all know that the more you create links, the higher you will rank on search engines. But building links is not always easy. Link building remains a primary part of an effective performance-based SEO strategy. So in this article, we will discuss Link Building methods and strategies.

1. Index your website to search engines

Most search engines have different ways of submitting your web pages directly to their index. Before that, you have to verify website ownership. If you do not index your website, search engines will not really know about the existence of your blog. This means earning backlinks will be tougher.

Getting indexed on Search engines like Google, Bing is part of SEO to get powerful backlinks to your website. So first check that your blog is indexed on Google or not. To check that just follow these steps. First, go to Google’s search bar and type “site:” and enter the domain name of your blog and hit enter. If you do not see anything related to your blog then, you have to manually submit your blog on Google Search Console.

Among the search engines, only Google has the largest userbase which is almost 92%. So indexing on google can be tough sometimes. So you can index your blog on other search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, etc.

Microsoft owns Bing and a lot of people use Bing as a primary search engine. So do not forget to index on Bing Webmaster Tools. To index your website to Bing, just go to Bing Webmaster Tools. On the main menu, just click “Submit URLs” then enter your blog’s URL that you want to submit for indexing. After that, you are done.

In this way, you can index and build links from search engines and also get regular visitors.

2. Do Guest Posting

Guest posting is when you contribute content to another blogger’s website. It is another easy way to create high-quality links. There are many sites and blogs that provide others to write and publish their article. Before you write an article on others website, make sure that the website or blog is related to your niche.

When you write guest posts, you can include your blog’s link. This is a very useful trick to build links. Always do guest posts on good and reputable websites. If you write on that type of website which niche is not related to yours and the DA and PA are also poor then it can bring a bad reputation to your blog.

How you can find websites that accept to do a guest posting? To find that, there is a very simple and easy trick. You can search on search engines like Google by typing the niche you are working and after that just include “guest post” or “write for us” and search. You will see a group of websites and blogs and do not forget to check their DA and PA before starting to write.

This is a strategy that everyone personally used to build high-quality links and it also helps to generate a good amount of monthly site visitors and generate monthly qualified leads to convert to customers.

3. Internally Link Building Methods

Interlink building is the method that you enter your own link on your posts that are most popular on your blog and ranked on search engines. This is the best method to build new links and to increase blog traffic. With the help of this trick, you can drive new visitors to your dead articles.

Internally link building is a strategy for SEO optimization of your article or blog post. It is a simple and very useful trick. Google also favors internal linking and search what type of blog post you are internally linking with your blog. If you do this interlinking process correctly and also do SEO optimization, then Google will help your blog to rank faster.

Internally link building is good for your blog. But it does not mean that you only build links on your own blog post again and again and do nothing. If you build lots of links then Google will think that you are spamming links and spamming is against their privacy policies. Also, the readers will quickly jump to your other posts and it will affect the user’s readability and bounce rate.

Doing this is very bad for the user experience. There should be at most 3 to 4 internal links in the post and that does not mean that you add links to all posts.

Apart from that, due to this method, users will read more blog posts, and you will get more traffic on your website. Internal links also help in increasing the SEO score. So it is important to add internal links if you want to optimize the post also.

4. Use Q&A Website for link building

When people are stuck on something, then they directly search online to get proper guidance and answer. So you can take advantage by answering them. A lot of bloggers use this opportunity for link building purpose. But How?

You may hear about Quora. The No 1 question and answers discussing website. Most visitors type their questions and get their solutions on Quora. So you can join Quora and other platforms like Reddit, StackExchange, and others to build links. But be careful, these platforms usually have strict spam rules and are full of professionals, so you can suddenly get banned.

Quora has millions of active users from all over the world. People daily post questions about different niches, and this creates an opportunity to get some traffic on your blog as well. First, create an account on Quora. Then find questions related to your niche and where you are an expert and try to answer them with excellent and valuable information.

There will be hundreds of questions on Quora related to your blog niche. You can answer those questions and you can add your website link genuinely. From Quora, you can quickly build links, and also you can get a huge amount of traffic by answering and helping others. Remember, your answers should provide value to others.

5. Commenting on other’s blog

For good link building, you need to build good relationships with other bloggers. There are a lot of ideas to build new contacts. You should start by blog commenting. Also, this is an Off-Page SEO link building method. With the help of this method, you can build powerful links to rank your blog and to strengthen your link-building score.

Start contributing with interesting and relevant comments on other blogger’s posts. You can not only build links but also it will attract the blogger towards you. Building a good relationship between the same niche’s blogger is a very profitable idea as well. For that How you can find that type of blog which allows blog commenting.

A lot of bloggers do not add the features of commenting. So to do blog commenting search on Google for the websites which allow blog commenting. Also, there are lots of tricks available to find blogs for commenting.

For example, if your niche is related to Gaming, you can simply search on Google or other search engines by entering- site: Gaming “post a comment”. When you hit enter it will show gaming-related blogs and website which allows to comments on their posts.

In this way, you can build links. Also, you can build a good relationship by commenting.

6. Use Social Media to build new links

Social media is one of the best ways to build links. If you are ignoring social media then, you are ignoring one of the best strategies to build new links. Social media websites are also the best source to increase website traffic on the internet.

For example, you can build new links with the help of Facebook. Also, you can drive a large quantity of traffic to your blog.

These websites have millions of active users every day. You can share your content and links with other people who will see the posts and if they like the content they will go to your website.

This type of link is called no-follow links but no-follow links are also good for SEO optimization. But it does not mean all links you build on Facebook are no-follow. There are some tips to build do-follow links also.

To build do-follow links you need to create a Facebook page for your blog. When you create the page, you can enter a link on the About section of that page. This link will be a do-follow link, which means you can build a good quality link from the About section. Also, you can add your blog’s link in the description part also.

By creating a page on Facebook, you have build two powerful links for your blog. Also, on this page, you can share all your posts and send traffic to your website.

7. Spy on your competitors

Here I am going to explain one of the greatest strategies to build new and powerful links. Do you know why your competitors are ranking on Google? because they build good quality links by spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours developing their link building strategies to get high-quality links.

If you have a small budget to build quality links and to do your SEO, then you can build good quality links by spying on your competitors. Spying on your competitors, you can know their link building strategies and the source from where they are building those links.

Working smartly, you can build good quality links from your competitors. Instead of thinking about how to build new links and decide to work harder, you should work smarter.

How will you spy on your competitors and how will you know their link building strategies? There are plenty of tools available to help you find out what your competitors are doing. If you research your competitors with the help of these tools, you will probably notice that they have built some links which you do not have yet.

Do analyze on what types of content your competitors are working in your niche and understand what topics and articles get the most link building opportunities. So that you can publish better and more comprehensive content on your blog. And it also helps you to build new links with the help of spying and analyzing your competitors.

You can also search for a specific domain on these tools and you will be able to see a list of their most-shared pages, and specific share counts on social media.

8. Recover and Rebuild your dead links

Sometimes you might find broken links to your website. This may be the case if the location of your page changes or if another webmaster misspelled your link. If the link is dead, this will return an error, which is a 404 error.

This type of issue may also occur after a site re-launched or migrated to another domain. To recover these links. you should redirect these links to some other pages. The main factor is How you will know which links are dead and how you can do that.

For that, there are a lot of tools available in the market. These tools help you to find the backlinks that your site has, that are linking to a non-existent page. You should try and recover this power and trust those links have either by recreating the page or redirecting the link to another existing page.

You will not face any problem because these are very easy to use tools. Only you have to enter the URL of your blog, and you will get a list of all your broken links.

Also, these tools detect timeout errors which are 504 errors, invalid access errors which are 403 errors. For example, when you migrate or re-launch your website, these tools show all those errors and show you the root problem, and helps you to fix it brings troubles to you.

9. Use Forums to build new links

Forum is an excellent way for participating and discussing with other bloggers. Finding a forum sounds easy, but it is not. The hard part is finding the right forums. using Forums as a method to drive authority to your site can be a very effective and cost-friendly approach for any blog.

The forum users are most likely experts and bloggers in the specific subject matter covered by the forum. One of the most important reasons Forum marketing can be such a useful strategy because creating a following from this knowledgeable and influential audience can help you to do your blog marketing throughout the internet.

Some used low-quality forums to build hundreds of links, thinking it will help them to increase their Google rankings, but it is not true. The quality in a forum comes from the people who participate in the topics. So always do research on forums before joining and start building links on them.

Forums are generally packed full of visitors who are interested in the same niche. Using forums, you can reach out to a specific community and the user contributions can be extremely helpful to drive legitimate authority back to your site.

Also, you can use forums for doing Off-page SEO work.

10. Do Influencer Marketing

First, you have to build relationships with people that manage high-traffic, high authority blogs. As you know, relationships are one of the key ways to get anything in life, including links. So, working with influencers is another way to work with websites and blogs that have high domain authority.

Influencers already have credibility with their audience, and if they link back to you, it helps boost your website’s authority and trustworthiness. However, it is important to work with influencers in your niche so that you will reach a relevant audience.

So pick a list of influencers from your niche, which you can send mail. In the main define the promise that your article will fulfill and ask interesting questions that the audience will also appreciate. Send these with a beautiful template and wait for their reply. If they do not answer your mail then try with others, do not mail repeatedly.

The main trick is to appeal to an influencer’s “ego” by tagging them in your content or the snippet of a post to push them to read the article. If the influencer is interested in your article, they will share your link into their handles, even if you do not tell them to share. Using this trick, you can build a good quality link. This is the basis of influencer marketing.

11. Try to published on Big Media websites

It is a great way to promote your blog or business online by publishing content on a big media website. It also helps in link building and for brand awareness purposes and it helps in building trust with your audience.

The benefits of getting published on big media websites are much more than getting a link back. So it is a great way to build new links and to increase the trust of your blog by uploading it on a big media website. But you can do that?

First, in a natural way, you can contact a journalist by sending a mail and connecting with them in their social media like Twitter and others to publish your content on their website. But for that, they need to know about you and about your blog or brand. Without knowing about your blog how can they accept your proposal? So you can run targeted Facebook campaigns.

Secondly, you can directly contact the head editor. It is not easy as it sounds but as in the case of contacting a journalist, it is a bit easier. Editors of big websites get hundreds of emails per day from people asking to publish their content on their website. If you are lucky enough and your email gets read, you need to grab the attention of the editor.

When you send the email to the head editor, try to write in short and to the point. Explain in short interesting information about you and your blog and what type of idea you have. Once you get published on one well-known website, then targeting the rest becomes easier and your chances of getting accepted are increased.

12. Build Links Using Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are a very beneficial trick to build links. Testimonials and reviews help when anyone wants to purchase anything. Here’s how you can also use them as a link building tactic.

Testimonial link building is a win-win scenario. Most businesses use testimonials and reviews as a way to build trust with their customers. Testimonials and reviews are also an excellent way to know what adjustments need to be made to their product or service to improve. So, it a great opportunity for you to create a link from that business website and to drive potential traffic from that site to your blog.

A study revealed that 68% of buyers check the review first and buy from those companies whose positive reviews are high. Also, Testimonials and Reviews help a lot to drive sells so it is very precious for them.

Building links from them is such a simple and straightforward method, you only have to find those businesses that sell any services or products and allows testimonials so that you can contact them and ask to create links in exchange for a testimonial. And it usually has a much higher approval rate than other standard email link building methods.

13. Try to use Infographics

Infographics are a great medium to utilize as they can condense complex information in a visual format, and has a higher potential to go viral. However good your writing, most of the audiences find it easier to understand information visually.

Different people understand information differently, so you should provide every type of material in every form like infographics so that it can capture the attention of a wider audience.

Many people use Infographics to build links. And it works perfectly. In fact, content with images and infographics gets 94% more views than content without images because visualization attracts human beings. And Infographics get the highest number of average shares compared to other content types.

Sometimes other bloggers might use your images and Infographics in their blog without linking to you. So in such a case, you could use and start the reverse image search of google. If the webmaster does not link to you, you can simply report that and warn to link you on that. So doing this you can also build new links.

Infographics are one of the great and best strategies for building new links. And after publishing your infographics, you can also reach out to other blogs that publish content relevant to your infographic and encourage them to use yours as an additional resource and can build new links.

14. Use Podcasts for Link Building

To create quality links you can host your own podcasts and also you can be a guest on other podcasts. It is a very effective way to earn links. Here is how to use podcasts for link building.

Podcasts have gone a long way in less than a decade. It is one of the fastest-growing marketing channels in this date. Podcasts are not only limited to reaching the listening people but also impact powerfully on organic search too.

Because if listeners find something valuable they can search for the person or the blog on the search engine. And it sends positive signals to Google that can influence search suggestions, as well as improves ranking overall.

Podcasts tend to have highly-engaged audiences, which means these links can drive a huge amount of traffics to your blog. Also, podcasts can help you to create your own brands.

Hosting a podcast or being a guest on other podcasts is a great way to build a loyal audience. Also, it is a great way to earn links. The podcast holder gets new audiences because of that guest.

Also, the website or person who is hosting the podcast will usually link to their guest’s blog from the post for that episode. In other words, both having a podcast and being a guest on other podcasts can be an effective way to earn quality links with a loyal fanbase.

15. Turn Unlinked Brand Mentions Into Links

This is also one of the easiest ways to build new links. Using your valuable and informative content but not getting credit for it? In this case, you can use this trick to build new links.

When someone wrote something about you and they mentioned your brand or your blog, but they have not added your blog link to that post. In this situation, it is usually enough to contact the webmaster, So the simple solution to these unlinked brand mentions is to ask for the link.

Why anyone will mention your blog or your content on their website? Of course, it indicates that they must find something special on your blog or your content so that they want to share that value with their audience.

How you can find those mentions? For that, you have to use tools to search mentions of yours on the web. If you want to find all the mentions that will add value then I recommend you to use SEMrush. To find social shares of your blogs or mentions of your blog BuzzSumo is another helpful tool.

These tools will easily tell you all your mentions. After that, you can contact them by going to their blog. In case you are not able to find any contact information, then you can contact the webmaster for the contact information.

16. Build links with the help of Local Charities and Events

The game of link building has changed so much over the years that it can be tough to figure out how to approach the concept. It becomes a time-consuming task over the past. The competition for link building has also increased over time.

There are a lot of strategies to build new links. But, link building becomes tougher day by day. So when you get new opportunities to build new links, just grab them.

One good way to build new links in the local level is by helping local charities and events. Local charities allow you to put on your traditional marketing. The reason why link building with local charities is such a valid strategy is that it works from multiple perspectives of marketing.

For example, charities are always looking to get as much exposure as possible for their cause. If you help them to fundraise or in other works, then you may get sponsored and get covered by different local news outlets, and get included your blog link in their site.

By doing this, not only you get a relevant link to your blog, but also you have the secondary value of having your blog or brand name on promotional materials related to the charities or events. So that your brand value will also increase.


If you want your blog to rank well, building new links is not enough. You need to take care of your link profile and you have to find out all the spammy links overtime to maintain your ranking.

Google does not care about your links are pointing to your web pages or not. So only you have to care about your valuable links.

Manually maintaining your links are as tough as building new links. So in the market, there are a lot of good tools. A tool helps a lot, so it is better to use a tool to maintain your links. Without a good tool, it is time-consuming and frustrating.

Link building is not rocket science. Every blogger or website owner is doing link building so why you cant. The methods and strategies I explained above will work for all blogs. You just need to execute them properly.

I hope you like the article and learn something new. Thank you for staying with me till the end.

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