24+ Free Proven and Used Techniques to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Today, in this article. I am going to show the best and free ways to increase website traffic. Just creating a website will not get you success. Building a website is very simple, but generating traffic is the most difficult. You will have a hard time getting traffic on the site when it is new.

Traffic is most necessary for the success of a website. Hence, professional bloggers and business owners spend a considerable amount of money on getting traffic on their website. But how to get traffic, if you don’t have money to spend on advertisements and promotions.

Worry not! I am sharing the best and free methods to get massive traffic on your website. Use all the methods below mentioned here, and you can see amazing results after applying it.

1. Guest Post

Guest post is the method to write and publish a post on other websites. Many big blogs offer a guest post on their websites. Through guest posting, a new audience can see your niche post on the guest website.

Doing guest posts on a high DA PA and good traffic generating website will drive traffic on your website too. It will also increase the backlinks of the website. You can search and find the best blogs in your niche and ask them for doing a guest post on their website.

Then you can write an attractive blog post with a link to your website. Through this link, traffic on the blog will come to know about your website and will surely drive some traffic to your site.

Find a website that has the right amount of traffic and pitches a topic for doing a guest post. If they are interested, then they will allow you to post. However, some websites offer free quest post or exchange.

2. Increase Website Traffic From Social Media Sites

Social media websites are the best source to increase website traffic on the internet. Take Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest all these websites have millions of active users every day. These make them the best and natural source to increase website traffic.

You can drive tons of traffic to your website quickly by just sharing it with your friends and families. Tell your friends and families to share it and so on. People will see the shared post, and if the post intrigues them, then they will go to your website.

In social media sites, there is a good chance to increase website traffic. It is because people use social media sites to pass their boring time. If they find your post of their interest, then they will go to your website.

You need to create a Facebook page, Twitter page, Pinterest, and many more pages for the website. Now on these pages, you can share all your posts. Whenever you publish a new b, then share it to these pages.

This method is straightforward and can do in a few minutes. The same thing can do on Twitter. After publishing the post on the website, you can then share it to different social media sites to get some extra free website traffic. The method is entirely free. It will only demand a few minutes to share.

3. Quora

Quora is a website where people question and answers post. It has millions of active users from all over the world. It is a #1 platform for getting your question answered. People daily post questions about different niches, and this creates an opportunity to get some traffic on your website.

From Quora, you can quickly get the right amount of traffic by answering the question of others. There will be hundreds of questions on Quora related to your website niche. You can answer these questions. In the solution, you can add your website link genuinely.

Remember, your answers should provide some value to the reader and not just writing any stuff for getting traffic. If the solution offers ethical benefits, then the reader will visit your website for more information. This method will bring you genuine and interested traffic to your site free of cost.

First, create an account on Quora. Then find questions related to your website niche and later try to answer them if you can with excellent and valuable information. If your answer would be right, then people will like it, and then that solution will get more views. More views mean more traffic to your website.

4. Rank On First Page(SEO)

SEO is a method of optimizing the site to get a position on the first page of Google’s search result. This method is a little complicated, but worth doing it. Because from Google’s first page 90% of traffic is drive on websites.

From reports, it says that the website which is ranking in the first position is getting 90% of the traffic. It is because google only the best site in the first position in the search results.

Getting ranked in the first position is very hard. It is because there are many competitors in your niche and the website whose SEO ranking will be higher that website will get the first position.

To rank in the first position, you need to boost website SEO by optimizing. Once you get listed in the first position, then you will not have to worry about the traffic. 90% of people will search and click on the first position. It is one of the best ways to get millions of free organic traffic to your website.

5. Fast Website

The main factor for getting massive traffic on the website is its speed. From the studies of Walmart website. it proves that the speed of a site contributes about 60%-70% of the overall success of the blog

The conversion rate of the Walmart website was showing huge variation due to delays in loading the website. They lose more customers as their site was taking time to load. From the studies, it found that due to delay in the loading of a website, it affects the traffic conversion.

When the site is taking time to load, then users bounce to other websites. As the same product or information would be available on other websites. It is because no one wants to wait for anything.

So, when the website is taking time, then they feel irritated by waiting, and when they click on the different website link. Due to this, Walmart has lost many customers and profits. An average user will wait for at least 2-3 seconds to load the website. If the website is taking longer than that, then the user will hop to another site.

So it is essential to keep the website running fast and smooth. So that users can feel a speedier user experience and they can bounce to other websites. There are many portions that affect the speed of a website like a theme size, server speed, traffic load, plugins size, image size.

So to increase the website speed, all these factors must be optimized to increase website traffic. Then never lose any potential customers.

6. Valuable Content (SEO optimized)

For getting genuine and interested traffic, you need to post relevant content on your website. There is no point in just posting craps and expect users to read it. Everyone will only come to your website only if you have valuable content to offer. Otherwise, they will click on your website and will never come back again.

Google sees this as a bad, and due to this, there will be less possibility of your website getting traffic. It will go dead soon. On the other hand, if you have something which users want, then they will visit your site.

So post each article with some values. Research and provide what users are looking for and offer that on your website. Then you will see that traffic is driving to your website and these users are genuinely interested in your content.

The content should be SEO optimized so that Google’s algorithm can analyzing the post and then show it correctly in the search results. SEO optimizing a blog post is very important because Google’s algorithm is designed to find keywords in the post which are related to search query. If Google’s spider can’t find it, then how will Google know what your post topic?

That is why doing SEO of post is necessary to get massive traffic.

7. Internal Links

The best method to increase website traffic is through internal links. It is a method of doing SEO optimization of the article or blog post. The internal links are those links that are a link to most of the same website. In simple words, the blog post has a link to another post on your website.

Internal links help increase traffic on a dead post or new post by putting its link in the blog post, which is doing well. Due to this method, users will read more blog posts, and you will get more traffic on your website.

It is a simple technique but very useful. Google favors internal links, and it analyzes what kind of post internally linked to your website.

Adding internal links doesn’t mean that you add links to all posts on your website to the new blog post. It is not recommended and is very bad for the user experience. There should be at most 3-4 internal links in the post.

These many links will not affect the user’s readability, and they can quickly jump to another post on your website. Internal links also help in increasing the SEO score. So it is essential to add internal links if you want to optimize the post.

8. Trending Keywords

For getting good traffic on the blog post. It is necessary to write on the keyword, which is trending on the internet. Means people are frequently searching for something. Research and find those keywords which are getting thousand of thousands plus monthly visit. Otherwise choosing a niche or keyword for which people do not search is of no use. Because no one will search and see that post.

So, to get massive traffic, you have to find the trending keyword and make a post on that keyword. Then you have a more significant chance of getting substantial organic traffic through that keyword.

For finding and analyzing traffic on keywords, you will need an excellent keyword research tool. There are tons of free keyword tools for a searching keyword. The most common and free tool is the Google AdWord tool. It is entirely free, and with that tool, you can find which keyword is trending in your niche.

All professional bloggers and companies use the keyword research tool to analyze their competition in the market and choose the right keyword for getting tons of traffic. There can be two or three keywords in a single post. It’s your call.

9. Online Directory Listings

Online directory listings are a free method to make your website discoverable to users. On the internet, you can find many website listing directories that list your site name on their list. This method is used to increase the SEO ranking of the website by making it discoverable. It is entirely free to list your website on directories, and it will take time to list your site.

So find as many online directories that are active and offering free domain listing as then you either list your website or post URL. The post URL listing will help the post to gain a good SEO ranking, and then it will have a higher chance of ranking on the first page of search results.

By listing your website, Google’s spider will know that it has many links from genuine websites, thus considering your website authentic too, and the spider will rank it on the search results. It is a very effective yet simple method to get SEO points, and from this, the website DA PA increases. More the DA, the higher the ranking of your website and will have users trust your website.

10. Social Plugin

The most common platform for managing websites is WordPress. Because it has a large number of plugins and provides a simple and effective website management system. The best thing is that you can get many useful plugins that automate the task for you. These plugins save us a lot of time and effort.

One of these plugins is a social button plugin. Now, the social buttons plugin is a simple share button that appears on the sidebars, bottom, and top of the post. These social share buttons make it very easy for readers to share website posts on different social media platforms. With this plugin, you get substantial social traffic.

Your post gets huge social discovery, and as more people will see the blog post, the more will visit your website. The pleasantest part is that you don’t have to put any effort into getting social shares here. Readers will do all the work for you.

As the reader will find your website post interesting, then they will share it on their social pages. Due to this plugin, you can make readers engage with the blog post, and they will not have to make efforts in copying the post link and then share their status.

The social plugin is available free for download from the WordPress plugin repository. So you have to install the plugin and do the setup.

11. Email Marketing

Everyone thinks that email marketing has rusted, but they don’t know that it is still one of the best ways to re-target your customers. Email marketing is a straightforward yet most effective method of getting your customers back. Through email retargeting people who are interested in your website, the content will visit again after reading the email.

By just sending updates of new products, services, or a new post you can drive them back to your website without getting them annoyed with spam. For retargeting your website users, you will need an email list of users. Building an email list is very simple on your website.

There are many plugins for setting up email filling popup whenever anyone visits your website. Now for getting their emails, you need to talk in terms of their interest. So if you know what they want, then you get their email address very quickly. Otherwise, if you show an email popup, then they will ignore it for sure. So take time and create an impressive and attractive email popup. So that they will quickly fill their email address and then your email list will get built.

After getting emails from visitors then you can send them emails about any new post, new product, discounts, and offers. Remember to write an email with good content so that they don’t feel it a spam email and ignore it. After re-targeting emails sent, you will see that many people have read your emails and they have visited your post. It is an excellent practice to re-target your readers without spamming them.

There are many email marketing tools available for email targeting and capturing emails. Some of them provide free service, and you can use it to build your email list.

12. Image SEO For Traffic

As doing post SEO, It is important to do image SEO too. By doing post optimization for google images, then there is a higher chance of getting traffic from google images.

Google images search and list pictures from websites, Youtube channels, post. So if you have done SEO of the image, then it will rank on top in google images. For example, when someone will search for the best games, and you have made a post on that topic and have optimized the image. Then that image will appear on the top when the best games keyword will get search.

Through that image, users can visit your website. That is why doing SEO of images helps to get some extra traffic. all professional bloggers optimized their post images with the right keyword and image description so that google can understand what images are?

The optimization process is straightforward. As we optimize post like that only, we have to write a meaningful short alt description for images. Don’t forget to put the keyword of the blog post in the image description. Optimizing the image will not take much time, but once it will get done. Then you will notice that some traffic is coming through images.

So it is essential to write and optimize the images before publishing them. And remember not to use dull images that no one wants to click.  Create or use attractive photos for a blog post. And try to add pictures with low size so that it will not slow down a website.

13. SEO Friendly Title For More Traffic

The title is an essential part of any blog post. Everyone first sees the title and interpret how the overall post will be. So if the title will be unattractive, meaningful, and right length, then it will find a hard time getting ranked on google.

The post title should be short and must have the targeted keyword in it. The keyword can be at any position, but it is highly effective if it is on the first two positions. With the SEO friendly title, google will easily rank it for the searched keyword. Otherwise, Google will not be able to understand the title, and the post will not get listed.

The post title can have multiple targeted keywords, but don’t overdo it. Otherwise, the readability will get reduced, and SEO too. To become creative and write SEO friendly post title for getting more traffic on your website.

14. Create Better Content For Your Website

At first, be genuine and always write original and the right content. Do not fool your visitors. If you are getting regular visitors in your blog then they are getting something new and important. So give them the expected content with the right details.

If you create contagious content that solves people’s problems and adds value to their lives then they will frequently visit your blog to get genuine knowledge.

But If you make the header attractive and write something else and take money to promote brands and their services and product and provide fake information and misleads your audience to get traffic then your website will not survive more than two or three months. Because they know what is right and what is wrong. So be genuine and do not provide fake content.

So, always provide the right and quality content. Build trust with your visitors. It will really help you to grow your website and will bring the daily reader to your website.

15. Modify your Old content

Google always promotes or supports fresh content. For example, When you search for something on Google, you will notice that the top three or five articles are freshly written. Google likes articles that are fresh and new. So this is also one of the main factors to rank in Google.

Maintaining an active blog is a crucial element, and updating your old blog posts can boost traffic.

So always keep updated on your articles, especially the top-ranked articles. Add some more details which are new and add more images and screenshots, and remove out-dated information.

16. Learn SEO

The meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which helps to rank your website on search pages and this drives traffic to your blog. For SEO, you can use a tool that gives you the technical data of your blog, like Backlinks and keywords as well as the insights information of your competitors. So learning SEO is very important for a blogger or a website owner.

For a blogger, it is very very important to rank their site on the search engines to increase traffic and to generate revenue. In this case, SEO tools play a major role. SEO helps you to make your blog more search engine friendly. For that, you do not need to hire an SEO expert to do SEO things for your blog.

SEO is easy and anyone can do SEO for their own websites with the help of SEO tools. Only they need to learn about those tools which are freely available on the internet. Only you need to search for those content, tutorials, and free lectures.

SEO Software takes a very important role in ranking factor or analyzing factor. If you want a successful blog, then you need SEO tools. SEO tools make every step simple and easy for you.

17. Add Photos

Adding images to your articles makes them more readable and helps to boost the interest of reading a blog. Also adding photos make the post more visually appealing and it helps to rank in search engine quickly.

The human brain prefers visual elements. We love colors and objects and it makes us more engaged and immersed in our surroundings. Images in your blog posts grab user’s attention and help them focus on not just the visual element but also the text around it.

Also, you can use the Alt Image tag on photos to boost the search engine optimization of your site.

One thing keeps in mind, do not download any photos from Google and upload them on your site because you risk violating copyright laws. So always go for royalty-free images.

18. Add Video

Videos are the most successful form of content on the internet. People spend more time on blog posts containing videos than just text and images. Just like the photos, Videos engaged the audiences and make them visually appealing to your blog post.

The best part is you do not need to upload those videos on your server. The best way to add videos to your blog post is by uploading them to YouTube and then embedding them in your blog posts.

You can create videos of your article to give instruction to the audience. Also, you can record interviews with other bloggers and influencers of your niche. By providing this type of video, you can attract audiences to your blog post.

Google owns YouTube, which is one of the many reasons that videos can drive more traffic to your site. Supplement the written content on your blog with short videos that are informative and entertaining.

19. Add User-Generated Content

User-Generated Contents are like comments, testimonials, guest posts, user reviews, etc. User-generated content is basically any content generated by users on your website.

Most people like to share their ideas and thoughts. So this type of content helps you to bring more traffic to your blog. Because it gives users multiple opportunities to participate and get involved.

There are many different kinds of user-generated content that you can add. You need to choose what works best for your blog and start from there.

20. Participate in Online Communities

Online communities are a great source of traffic. Because there are already a lot of users who are interested in the topics that you are discussing. By joining online communities, you can know new things about your niches and it will improve you and your blog.

One of the best places where you can find any type of community is Quora. Quora is a platform, where different type of communities exists and helps others or newbies by answering their questions. Also, you can find communities on Reddit, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, YouTube communities, and more.

Also, Quora or other platforms are a big source of traffic. You can solve other problems by answering and this can leads them to your blog.

You should spend time building your reputation in these communities, answering questions, joining discussions, and then share your blog. Keep in mind, Do not just start posting links of your articles and your blog. This is called spamming and moderators will instantly block you.

21. Participate in Q & A Websites

Question and Answer websites are one of the biggest sources of traffic on the internet. The advantage of answering questions is that your answer will remain alive for a very long time which means that it can become a regular source of traffic to your blog.

This type of website is one of the biggest online communities on the internet. The best example of a Q & A website is Quora. By solving others problems on Quora, you can level up your blog.

Again, do not go there for posting your links. You should write actual detailed answers with links to your blog posts only if they fit in the context.

22. Make Your Own Online Groups

Another way to build a passionate following around your blog is by starting your own online group. You can use free platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn and invite your users to join in. As the community grows, your blog will become more famous.

The advantage of making your own online group is that you get regular traffic to your blog. Also, you do not lose those active readers by updating them in your group.

The active member of your group will help you to promote your blog on their own social media profiles. This little community can become a major source of traffic for your blog in the future.

23. Build an email list

Most of the beginners spend a lot of time and energy to bring new users to their blog.  According to a survey, more than 70% of users leaving your website will never return that because they do not have an idea about your website and content. In that case, sending an email helps. This is not to grow your blog traffic, but also need to keep existing visitors coming back.

Users can subscribe to your blog’s social media profiles. But, most of the social networks limit the reach and your users can only see some of your content. This why you need to start building your email list so that no one can set limits to reach the users.

Sending Email to the user is the most highly effective marketing strategies. In the era of online marketing, this is still the best and easy marketing strategy. You only need to get subscribed by the audience and you can send them emails to reach back to your blog again.

You are losing valuable subscribers each day without an email list marketing. So this strategy may be a good option to increase readers and to get your traffic back.

24. Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media has become an essential part of our lives. There are so many social media websites out there, but most of us spend all of our time on a few top platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Depending on your blog’s topics you may have more success on other social platforms that are less crowded. For example, if you provide tips and tips about building a new business and the niche of your blog is about Business related, then the best social media and value-adding engaged users you may find on LinkedIn.

So to market your blog and content on Social media, and to manage your social media, you have to use a Social Media Marketing tool. For that, you may find a lot of tools. But in this article, I am using Social Pilot.

Social Pilot is a comprehensive social media marketing tool that helps professionals, teams, and businesses automate their social media management. Social Pilot is the most cost-effective marketing tool with powerful publishing features and insightful analytics features. It helps customers at every step from publishing posts on their social media profiles to analyzing their performance of posts.

You can easily schedule and publish your social media content across all major social networks with the help of Social Media Scheduler. And, you can schedule posts in bulk by simply uploading a file of text and images. Also, you can easily download pdf analytics reports and generate crucial insights from the metrics that matter the most to you.

Some of the best features of Social Pilot are Client management, Team management, RSS feed automation, White label solution, and Social Inbox.

25. SEO Tools

SEO tools assist website owners to rank higher in search engine results. It is important to rank a blog on search engines to get new followers and readers. So to help you in the ranking, SEO tools are used and SEO tool helps you to get information about keywords, backlinks, your competitors, and much more.

Doing SEO works on your own is tough because you need proper knowledge and time. And doing SEO without any SEO tools becomes boring and frustrating. So I recommend you to use SEO tools. You can find a lot of best SEO tools in the SEO market, but in this article, I am using Mangools to explain.

Mangools is an all-in-one SEO tool with awesome features and visualization that help the user to read and understand all data easily without any problems. This is easy to use tool with features like Keywords Analysis, Keywords Research, Rank Tracking, Website analysis, Backlink analysis, and much more to help in ranking.

Mangools is a premium tool that means users have to pay monthly to use this SEO tool, but the price is way less than other SEO tools. The features Mangools offers are worth in this price range. Some SEO tools do not offer those features that Mangools is offering in this price segment.

This tool is basically designed for digital marketers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers. Also, the simple user interface helps beginners to get started.


We have come to an end, and till now, we have seen many simple yet powerful method to increase website traffic. All the purposes mentioned above are free, and anyone can quickly implement them. Implementing all the above practices will give you noticeable results.

These are the top best methods for increasing traffic on your website. So if you want to have tons of traffic daily on your website, then do the purposes mentioned above. All these methods are tested and proved to provide a measurable result within a short period. So now you will never find it challenging to increase website traffic.

I  hope these tips helped you to increase your blog traffic. If you want to grow traffic to your blog quickly, combine the tactics.

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